Senior Developer


 Hi, I'm Jen and I'm a Microsoft Full Stack Developer on the team.

Whether I'm working with databases, APIs or web front-ends, I love helping clients get their best possible solution and giving users their best possible experience.

In my spare time I help people live their best possible life by teaching yoga and helping the more vulnerable in our community. At the height of the pandemic I did relief work in a council care home and an NHS Wales Covid testing unit. Being a member of the LGBT+ community (I am Bi and Trans) I care about equality, diversity and inclusion. In 2018-19, I successfully campaigned for improved health services and equality for Trans people in Wales.

As well as Yoga, I love to keep active by training in marital arts, dancing Flamenco and walking on our beautiful Welsh coastline. For down time, I love spending time with my family, listening to music and tending to my houseplants and Guinea pigs.

I'm a believer in life-long learning and as well as keeping up with the latest development technology, I'm interested in Science and Astronomy and am an Open University Physics graduate.

"Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn"

("The red dragon will lead the way")

Feel free to get in touch