Chief Morale Officer

I've worked in Flex Systems (and RMS) since I was 12 weeks' old, so I don't have any previous experience.  It was tough in those early days but now, with over a year's experience I know what my role is and I love every moment! 

I'm pretty sure I've got the best job in the business.  As Chief Morale Officer, my job is to keep everyone as happy and as motivated as possible. There's a lot of evidence that suggests people perform to their potential when morale is at its highest, so my role is simple - get the best out of people by keeping them happy. Sometimes, this takes a bit of convincing, maybe a hop up, and a kiss if needed!  Sometimes I get a little carried away but I think I do a great job of greeting our visitors to the office.  They always seem surprised to see me, so I always return the feeling with a strong tail wag.

I love running!  My favourite place is the beach where I can go for a dip in the sea to cool off when I need to. I love it when people bring me treats. Oh, and chicken - I love chicken!

Gnash Gnash


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