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gearing up for a Smiths Instruments’ project

We’re excited to be designing and developing a new website for clock and automotive instrument makers, Smiths Instruments.

Founded in 1851 by Samuel Smith, the company originally made clocks and watches. In fact, Smiths Instruments is famous for producing the first British odometer (mileometer) and speedometers at the turn of the 20th Century. They went on to become one of the main suppliers of instruments to the motorcar and motorcycle industries. Smiths eventually partnered with the Ingersoll Watch Company in 1946 to produce watches right here in Wales. Fast-forward the clock a few years, and Smiths have become one of the largest makers of watches, clocks and automotive instruments in Europe.

Even if you haven’t heard of Smiths, you’ll have seen their products on the big screen in films such as James Bond and the James Hunt biopic, Rush. They’ve also been featured on Top Gear. With their products hitting the big time, it was time for Smiths to accelerate their online presence with a new website.

We’re thrilled that we’ve been commissioned to develop a new and exciting website for Smiths. The website will enable Smiths to sell products whilst acting as a platform to provide useful information to classic motoring enthusiasts. We’ll make the new website fully responsive and create a design that strongly reflects the Britannia heritage of the brand.

We’re can’t wait to put this project into gear. If you’re looking to fuel a new website project, give us a call.

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