Benefits of high availability on Azure

High availability. It sounds like it ought to be an important feature of your web server, doesn’t it? And you’d be correct to think so.

But what do we mean by ‘high availability’, and why should we make such a big deal about it?

Put simply, a high availability solution will keep your data, website, application or online service as accessible as possible, and as close to 100% of the time as you are likely to get, even in the event of server failure.

Every company needs this type of hosting, and these are some of the key reasons why we provide high availability as standard on our web development projects. 

Why is high availability important?

Your website is an integral part of your business and you simply can't afford to have it fail on you in the digital era. 

If your site is inaccessible to your customers or rendering your staff unable to carry out tasks, then it’s going to be costly to your business. And, while the cost to individual businesses varies, downtime has cost UK businesses as a whole more than £12b annually.

High availability protects against downtime by directing traffic from unavailable servers to live servers, ensuring your service continues to work without interruption.

Furthermore, site maintenance is made easier, as any changes can be implemented on one server, while other servers continue to work. A factor that also provides you with greater flexibility for deployment and scaling, without impacting on existing services.

How does it work?

A high availability solution or architecture works by clustering a number of servers together to deliver the website or application.

At the perimeter of that infrastructure will be a ‘load balancer’, which distributes traffic between the relevant servers.

The storage of information applied to one server will need to be stored/duplicated on other servers, therefore a replication service will be operational. Combined, these key parts of the infrastructure will ensure that your website will always be available.

What about dedicated servers?

Many companies take the route of dedicated servers.

Such options are considered for a variety of operational reasons. However, dedicated servers do not possess the technical and practical benefits outlined above. In particular, with regard to the maintenance downtime and general downtime risk for your service.

UpriseVSI hosting is high availability as standard

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is a high availability infrastructure and delivers practically 100% for our customers. Whether we provide you with a business-critical web application or a simple brochure website our solution delivers at optimal uptime performance.

And, it’s a platform that we’re continuing to develop, increasing its scale, security and reliability for customers.

We’ll be continuing to revisit the issue of server performance and uptime in future blogs, so we’d love you to keep on visiting for our latest updates and news.

In the meantime, feel free get in touch with a member of our team if you're looking for high availability hosting on your next project. 

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