The relationship between brand identity and website design

Over time, a business’ brand identity can start to look tired and dated.

We’ve already explored in previous blogs the tell-tale signs that it’s time for a rebrand and when you should consider redesigning your website.

In our experience, while one or the other might be the catalyst for a business approaching us, it’s always best when both the brand identity and website design can be refreshed at the same time.

With that in mind, here are a few of the client’s that we’ve worked with to energise their logo design and revitalise their web presence.

Insight Law

In what can be perceived as a stuffy industry, Insight Law wanted a brand identity that reflected their informal approach to property law.

They wanted a logo that injected some personality into the brand.

We took the dots of the i’s in insight and created double circles that only represented their offices in Cardiff and Bristol but also their dual specialisms of commercial and residential property law.

Introducing a new colour palette and positioning statement, the business was established as balancing professionalism with approachability.

These elements were reflected in the new site that our website development team created.

Using informal, unstuffy language and an easy-to-navigate structure, visitors could choose to either “talk commercial” or “talk property”.

A visual creative style was agreed using brightly-coloured, close-up abstract representations of properties, creating a consistent look and feel for the website and the business as a whole.

Find out more in our Insight Law Case Study

Hayes Parsons

As one of the South West's largest independent insurance brokers, Hayes Parsons wanted a new brand identity and website that positioned them as a trusted partner.

Given the brand recognition that they had built over the years, we decided to develop their logo rather than change it too much.

Curvier and symmetrical, the rounded edges were better balanced and more appealing to the eye.

This look-and-feel was replicated on the website with a new suite of icons for the services that they offer.

Find out more in our Hayes Parsons Case Study

Fusion Occupational Health

After a management buyout, the new brand of Fusion Occupational Health was created.

The new company required a new logo and a brand new website.

In calming shades of blue, green and plum, the new icon is made up of four shapes representing the four strategies of their workplace health model.

When “fused” together, it also creates 5 shapes which embody their five core services.

An icon suite was created for the website in the same style.

Find out more in our Fusion OH Case Study

CPS Group

An award-winning technology recruitment agency, CPS Group initially approached us to create a new responsive website design.

They wanted to not only attract new clients and candidates but also the best recruiters to come and work for them. We suggested that a brand refresh could help to achieve this.

Their corporate-looking black, grey and gold logo was updated to match the informal, friendly and down-to-earth ethos of the brand.

A circular icon was created based on a street map of the company’s HQ in Cardiff and a new strapline devised which highlighted their expertise.

The colour palette expanded to primary and secondary colours which represented the three sectors that the company recruited for.

These colours and icons fed into the look and feel of the website, alongside a photographic style.

Striking images of landscapes featuring a single person served as hero images on the homepage and demonstrated their ability to find the right people.

To back up the personal approach that the business takes, rather than stock images, shots of actual members of staff were used.

Find out more in our CPS Group Case Study

If you’d like to find out how the team at UpriseVSI can combine a vibrant brand identity with an eye-catching, easy-to-use website design, get in touch.

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