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Ever get that feeling that you’ve blinked and missed something? Well, it appears that we’ve blinked and missed the first two months of the year. From lots of new web design projects and exciting meetings with our existing clients, we’re struggling to believe that Christmas was over two months ago.

When we heard that the much beloved Nokia 3310 is making a comeback, we also had a moment of sheer horror; we’d forgotten to publish our digital trends for 2017! Admittedly, nobody could have predicted that the warrior of all phones would make a comeback, but we thought we’d share our thoughts on what’s going to be big throughout the rest of 2017.

Video is going to be bigger than ever

Video has been big news for a while, but it’ll continue to grow throughout the year. Facebook is planning to add a dedicated video tab in their apps in a major redesign, aiming to become the home of video.

Content marketing will continue to grow

It seems like we’re always singing the praises of content marketing, and with good reason. As the year goes on, content marketing will still prove to be effective and a vital strategy, but live video content is going to be a key component to this.

In fact, by the end of 2016, there was already a stark increase. On New Year’s Eve, live streaming on Facebook had reached record-breaking numbers across the globe. Plus, with Instagram and Twitter also launching live video streaming platforms at the end of 2016, this trend is almost certain to keep growing.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

You probably remember that our very own Ollie Wells attended Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon last October, and VR was the topic on everyone’s lips. That interest is going to die down anytime soon. Plus, with the surge in interest in augmented reality after the success of Pokémon Go, we could see some interesting advancements in the next few months, particularly after the release of the iPhone 8 which people are predicting will give mixed reality a significant boost. 

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