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We’ve tried to hold off for as long as possible, but we just can’t contain our excitement anymore; Christmas is almost here! Whilst our Uprise elves are still busy working on web design projects and developing creative strategies, there's a distinctively festive cheer in the air. The upriseVSI tree is up in the office, the 'Secret Santa' emails have been sent and we're already tucking into the mince pies. Of course, there's always one thing that sparks that initial festive feeling, one small sign that gives you the green light to transition into a character reminiscent of Buddy the Elf. The deluge of Christmas marketing that hits our TV screens, mobiles and computer screens!

John Lewis – Buster the Boxer

"The release of the John Lewis advert is now an annual yuletide event in its own right! Admittedly, as a self-confessed crazy dog lady, I’m probably too biased to comment on this year's offering, but I do genuinely love it. Put a cute dog on a trampoline, and you can expect my Grinch-like heart to grow two sizes. Whilst I don’t think it works quite as well in practice as #ManOnTheMoon did, I do think John Lewis did the right thing by steering away from a tearjerker this year."

Rhian,  Copywriter


“I like that Asda have gone down the route of recreating simple scenarios that people can relate to. It shows the most important elements of Christmas such as family, friends and creating memories, rather than focusing on products. There’s a degree of nostalgia to them and that’s what Christmas is all about after all!”

Shelle, Graphic Designer

The John Lewis inspired ad

"I’ll be honest, I personally felt like the real John Lewis ad was a little anti-climatic this year! I much prefer this John Lewis inspired ad that was created by an A-level student. I think it's got more of the John Lewis charm and sentiment packed in there. Plus, a young student's coursework project that goes viral and gets him job offers from large companies? That's a Christmas miracle all in itself!"

Mark, Technical Director 

Amazon Prime

"While it's not strictly a Christmas ad, the new Amazon Prime ad definitely evokes that feeling of Christmas. Presumably due to the religious theme, Amazon has steered away from the mention of Christmas, but the emotions conveyed still hit you right in the festive feels. It's a poignant offering, particularly given the current political and social climate. We all have particular values which we live by but ultimately we can still be respectful, thoughtful and accommodating of each other. It's a powerful message, and something that we should all take notice of - particularly at Christmas time"

Adam, Senior Designer



Aldi - #KevinTheCarrot

"#KevinTheCarrot competes in the cuteness stakes but for me, it’s the darker (possibly unintentional) undertones that made me love him as much, if not more than John Lewis’ Buster. You may be able to buy a cuddly Kevin toy, but the imagery in the advert is more reminiscent of a Saw movie! Not only does he stumble past a skinned and roasted fellow carrot, before painfully shredding his back on a cheese grater but he’s last seen dangling precariously in front of the open jaws of a hungry reindeer! My vote goes to Kevin simply because he probably didn’t survive very much longer after the cameras stopped rolling. Admittedly, this interpretation probably has a lot more to do with my love of horror films than anything else!"

Leigh, Head of Creative 

NotOnTheHighStreet's #ElfHelp

"I love Not On The High Street’s #ElfHelp Christmas campaign on social media.They’re basically encouraging people who are struggling with gift ideas to use the hashtag #ElfHelp. They then send you over to Facebook messenger where they provide thoughtful, unique Christmas gift ideas. I think the personalised element of a Facebook message is a nice touch, and I like the fact they cross-promote between Twitter and Facebook. Plus, the animated elf GIFs are too cute to ignore!"

Rachael, Social Media Executive

Bell's - #WhatTheBells

"I really like this advert for Bell’s Whisky starring Steven Toast. Apart from the fact that everything Matt Berry does is brilliant, it’s the complete antidote to all the other OTT Christmas adverts out there!"

Gareth, Managing Director


"For once, Waitrose has trumped it’s bigger brother John Lewis in the Christmas advert stakes. Visually stunning, the music fits perfectly, and who doesn’t like a cute little robin!"

Rhys, Web Developer

Marks & Spencer

"I love the M&S advert this year. It’s the perfect mixture of all the best Christmas emotions; love, hope and happiness. Plus, I can relate to it as my younger brother ruined my favourite top one year!"

Beant, Digital Marketing Specialist


"Admittedly, I'm a bit of a Grinch, but this Amazon advert did manage to raise a smile, and that’s the best you can hope for with me and Christmas ads!"

Craig, Technical Account Manager

Heathrow Airport

"While the concept of this ad is quite simple, I think that's what makes it work. Christmas needn't be overcomplicated; it's not about flashy gifts. It's about being at home with family and those who matter most. Plus, bonus points for the great song!"

Morgan, Digital Marketing Executive 


"It's an oldie, but a goldie! As soon as that red Christmas truck is on my screen, I know it's Christmas time! And I'm far from the only person who associates that truck with Christmas. For something so simple to have worked for so long, you know it's a good one!"

Michaela, Account Manager


 You might have missed the mark for a creative Christmas campaign, but give us a shout if you want to up your marketing game in 2017. 

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