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Recently we were lucky enough to sit in on Hubspot’s social media agency master class webinar with Lilach Bullock and Brian Lavery. Rather than giving us a formula to magically gain 80,000 followers overnight, it actually provided us with some top tips on how businesses can win a strong and loyal base of followers. Here are some of the main points we came away with: 

Use Twitter keywords

Unless you’re Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Barack Obama, the likelihood of your profile being found organically is pretty rare. Your profile has to be optimised and keywords need to be included in your bio so that, when users search for topics relevant to you or your industry, they are more likely to come across your account. Filling in the profile location will also improve search results when people in your local area are browsing Twitter and even putting hashtags within your bio will make your profile more ‘findable’ by the right people.

Optimise your website for social

Including a Twitter icon on your website and making sure it’s clearly visible will help drive traffic to your Twitter page. Similarly, you can also encourage users to your account by adding a live stream of your tweets to your website. The look and style of your social media ‘share’ buttons is also important – interestingly one of the most popular styles is the simple floating bar.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Within every industry there are people and companies known as ‘industry influencers’. They have the power to send traffic to your profile and influence the opinions of others. Although they may appear a little intimidating at first, they are usually more than happy to share your content or have a conversation with you. Using tools such as Twitonomy and LittleBird will help identify the influencers and, as Lilach explained, sending them a quick tweet will only take a couple of seconds. You may be surprised how responsive people are.

Split test your tweets

Do you know if images help to increase your click-through rate? Which hashtags attract new followers? When your followers are most active and likely to interact with you? If you don’t, spilt testing your tweets can be an important part of your Twitter strategy. By sending out the same content but with a slight change every time (e.g. different wording, hashtags or sent at a different time of the day) and then monitoring the response you get from each, you will be able to identify the kind of tweets that have the greatest impact on your Twitter performance. Remember, it doesn’t matter if a test fails – these things can be hit or miss.

Promoted products

There are 3 types of promoted products you can take advantage of; promoted accounts, promoted trends and promoted tweets. Choosing the correct promoted product for your social media campaign can ultimately help build an active community and spread your message further than your current follower base.

Helpful tools

There is an endless list of Twitter tools out there but here are a few that were mentioned and what their key uses are: – This community manager tool helps to sort through your Twitter lists and relationships, focusing on your top influencers and supporters.

ManageFlitter – This is a set of easy-to-use tools which help you clean up and manage follower lists, find new people to follow with a comprehensive search facility, track keyword mentions and see those accounts that are no longer active.

Social Oomph and Buffer – These are both tools which are extremely useful to schedule tweets, automatically send direct messages, purge delete inboxes and vet new followers.

Social Inbox – One of Hubspot’s own social media products, this tool plugs into your contact list, colour-codes your customers and leads, helps you prioritise your responses and delivers all-important ROI.

After some great tips on the best practices for acquiring the right kind of followers, the main thing that we took out of the webinar was the fact that offering relevant, valuable content is still one of the best ways to build followers. This way you will earn not just followers but eventually the trust and loyalty of the people in your industry.

Written by Rachael Holder, Social Media Executive

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