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We’ve given you advice on how to transform your brand to attract new customers, but what can Tinder teach us about marketing your brand?

Like it or love it, Tinder has taken the dating world by storm. It has 50 million active users and 1.7billion swipes per day. Tinder’s success stems from consumer driven desire to make everything convenient, accessible and simple. Tinder applied this formula to the dating world; giving us potential partners at our very fingertips, all available with nothing more than a simple swipe. With this in mind, it’s fair to call Tinder a cultural phenomenon as it has completely revolutionised the dating world in a relatively short period of time. An app boasting that level of success can inevitably teach us a lesson or two! This is marketing advice you’ll want to swipe right on.

Love at first swipe

The goal of Tinder is to transform your digital match into a real-life date. Similarly, your goal as a business owner is to secure a conversion, but how do you stand out from the sea of competitors? There’s an overwhelming number of people on Tinder, which is causing people to become more and more picky. This paradox of choice is the exact same issue that brands have been facing for years.

Let’s admit it, Tinder brings everyone’s shallow alter-ego bubbling to the surface, so it’s vital that users look their best in order to grab attention. This applies to your business in regard to standing out amongst the sea of competitors that are trying to sell the exact same thing as you are. In fact, most consumers will judge your website in under 10 seconds, so it’s important that you have a well-designed website if you want to stay in the game.

Portraying a personality

Now that you’ve strengthened your selfie game with a new website, it’s time to add a bit of substance to your business. A great website and beautiful logo will only get you so far, your customers need something a bit more than looks if they’re to stick around. Your social media strategy is comparable to a Tinder bio. In both instances, you’ve got a limited amount of space to make your words count, so think carefully and use it wisely. A good Tinder bio can often tip the scales of a right-swipe in your favour, and the same can be said for your social media strategy.

With 67% of Twitter users more likely to buy from brands they’re following, it makes sense to invest some time in making sure your social media feeds are up to the mark. Inject a bit of humour to your social media accounts but keep it professional. Some light-hearted tongue-in-cheek jokes will give your brand a personality, but it’s important that you don’t cross the line. It’s just as easy to unfollow a brand on Twitter as it is to unmatch that creepy, sleazy guy on Tinder.

A match made in heaven…or not

We’ve all been there, you see the person of your dreams in that tiny little box, your heart flutters and you tentatively click to read their bio. You can’t quite believe your luck when you find yourself reading an eloquent yet witty bio; you silence the voice of cynicism as it whispers “it’s too good to be true” as you triumphantly swipe right. It’s a match! Alas, the celebration is short lived when you attempt to strike up a conversation only to realise that they’re not quite as they portrayed. In fact, they have the sense of humour and conversational skills of a rock. You sigh as you psych your thumb up to continue in the never-ending swiping tirade.

The moral of this heartbreaking story? You can hire the best marketing agency in the world to help you with a winning creative strategy, but if it doesn’t translate itself to your business culture and guiding principles then your customers will see right through it. You have to stay true to yourself so that your customers won’t feel shortchanged if they choose you.

Forming a relationship

Tinder has a notorious reputation for instigating a hook-up culture, but people have found longterm relationships on there. As a business, your goal is to create a relationship with your consumers. In order to do this, it’s important that you’re clear about what you’re offering. If you can prove yourself as a worthwhile brand, then you’ll gain loyalty from your customers. Again, this comes back to being honest about what it is that you have to offer. Aim to give your customers the best service possible whilst maintaining a customer journey that they can grow to trust.
With that being said, Tinder also fits its purpose of getting relevant people connected quickly and efficiently, which naturally lends itself to the occasional fling. It’s important that you can accept that some customers aren’t made for the longterm. Treasure your brief time together for what it is, don’t be that guy who hounds them in the hope of forcing them to commit exclusively to your business. Nobody likes a double texter. A Netflix binge whilst weeping into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s is something that should be reserved for those who’ve experienced the dreaded Tinder rejection, not CEO’s of companies that can’t keep their clients.

If your business is getting left-swiped more than you care to admit, get in touch to find out how we can help you to rake in those super-likes.

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