User Experience (UX) is a big deal and here’s why

User experience (UX) did not just become a thing in the internet era. It’s always been an important component of a business or organisation. It’s the way in which your customers experience the products and services you provide.   

Of course, how a business looks and interacts online is important. Making UX a vital ingredient when it comes to the design and use of websites, apps, and software suites.

User Experience has a value

Businesses in any market or sector are all looking for an edge. Something that differentiates them from the congested crowd of competitors.

Price, you say?

Well, yes, maybe price will play a part somewhere along the line. But, margins are often tight, and the price differential may be somewhat negligible.

Marketing Week recently highlighted the example of the UK utilities market. Where price and product are the same, UX becomes a key factor.

Think of your own online experiences. Are we not all looking to use an app, or visit a site that’s:

  • Useful
  • Simple
  • Attractive
  • Time-Saving

Mobile technology has placed a huge value on ease-of-use and convenience. We access goods and services through the Internet and our mobile devices. And, we want them to deliver quickly, efficiently, and elegantly. Whether calling a taxi, ordering a pizza, or booking a holiday.

Creating and designing a website that makes life a little easier, bringing an intrinsic value to your clients. Especially important in an era where experience is a high-end commodity.

It’s at the core of customer satisfaction, the pathway to customer loyalty and advocacy.

The Keys to Great UX

We may be living in the brave new world of digital applications. But, the fundamentals of delivering great UX are as old as the concept of sales & marketing itself.

Meet your clients’ needs.

And, to do this, you need to lay the foundations through some key steps.

  • Customer Research
  • Market Research
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Test existing usability and areas for improvement
  • Implement UX strategy
  • Implement UX design

At the heart of the process, however, must be the end-user. Whatever the product or service it needs to be adding a real value to the customers’ life or work.

UX is all about focusing on the needs and satisfaction of the user. And, it’s a focus that must remain front and centre throughout the life-cycle of the product itself. From the background research to the moment it’s launched, and beyond.

An evolving process, paying attention to changes in customer behaviours and enhancing technologies.

UX is a reflection of your business culture

Yes, UX may be about providing a simple, elegant, and user-friendly digital journey for your customers. But true UX runs somewhat deeper than these, important, surface elements.

Your apps, websites, and social platforms can form the basis of your client relationships. From the delivery of a service to the means by which you make contact or the reputation of your brand.

But there needs to be a human element to your customers' experience. A sense that, behind the snazzy interface, there's a network of people, offering support. That your digital presence is not a replacement of ‘good old-fashioned’ customer service. But a means to enhance it.

Which is good for your brand, your business, and your bottom line.

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