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Whether it’s inspiringly imaginative or wonderfully weird, we’re always amazed at some of the things we find on the web. In our webwise series, we share the best of the web with you.

Smartphone etiquette

What: A table that only heats food if you sacrifice your smartphones
Who: Ikea Taiwan
Why we love it: We love a good Uprise social night out, but as digital devotees, we’re all guilty of checking our phones far too often whilst at the table. This is an innovative incentive to ensure that we’re paying attention to one another rather than swiping through Tinder or inspecting Instagram.

The Nightmare Before Disney
image source: Andrew Tarusov

image source: Andrew Tarusov

What: Disney characters reimagined in Tim Burton’s gothic style
Who: Andrew Tarusov
Why we love it: We’re big fans of Disney, in fact, we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re even partial to the occasional Disney sing-along in the Uprise office. So we were incredibly impressed when we saw these Tim Burton esque Disney characters. The elongated limbs, widened eyes and darker palette lends itself to a spooky and totally different perspective of Disney’s bright and cheerful world.

Virtual reality meets art

What: A virtual reality experience of Hieronymus Bosch’s art to mark his 500th birthday.
Who: Burell Durant Hifle (BDH)
Why we love it: It’s a phenomenal opportunity to explore Bosch’s breathtaking work in never before seen detail and offers a completely different perspective to the amazing paintings. Insightful, imaginative and right up our street.

Imaginary friends
image source: campaign live

image source: campaign live

What: For an exhibit at the V&A in London, artists created children’s imaginary friends based on their descriptions.
Who: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Why we love it: As a creative agency, we were bound to love this. There’s something uniquely magical and inspiring about the unmolded, raw imaginative processes of children, and this project really encompasses and enhances that. It’s a relatively simple idea that’s been executed in a way that is inspiring and thought provoking. It’s so vibrant and vivid that it’s hard not to be filled with nostalgia for your own childhood whilst getting those creative juices flowing once more.

Aerodynamic coding

What: Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodynamic’ recreated using just code
Who: Sebastien Rannou
Why we love it: We’ve seen our developers work some serious magic, so we know that anything is possible in terms of coding. However this is impressive. Using just a hundred or so lines of code, Rannou has recreated an outstanding version of Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodynamic’.

To infinity and beyond!
image source: NASA

image source: NASA

What: Tourism posters for the possibility of intergalactic travel in the future.
Why we love it: We enjoy the creative thought that’s gone into this. It’s a great way to highlight just how possible this future could become and enhances all of NASA’s remarkable work.

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