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Whether it’s inspiringly imaginative or wonderfully weird, we’re always amazed at some of the things we find on the web.

Agency of Thrones

source: Chimp&z

What: Ever wondered what your favourite Game of Thrones characters would do if they lived in the real, modern world? They’d work for a creative agency of course! And a team of designers have even gone as far as to imagine their specific roles.
Who: Chimp&z Inc.
Why we love it: Game of Thrones, quality design work and a hint of cheek make for a winning formula in our eyes. Although I’m personally unsure about whether to be proud or concerned about the copywriter stereotype…

Great f*cking idea
source: It's Nice That

source: It’s Nice That

What: If you work in web design, you’ll be more than familiar with the placeholder text, Lorem Ipsum that populates your site with dummy content to see how it’ll look. However, there’s a new kid on the block in the form of Lorem F*cking Ipsum that will populate your site with a barrage of expletive loaded text.
Who: Good F*cking Design Advice
Why we love it: As a copywriter, I believe that all words were created equally. That includes obscenities. In the right context, the occasional swear word can add both weight and passion to an otherwise dull sentence. And yes, this is my rehearsed speech for when an elderly family member stumbles upon an obscenity littered piece of prose that I’ve written! But no, on a serious note, ‘Lorem f*cking ipsum’ is a nice idea to break up the monotonous dummy text that we see all too often when we’re creating new websites for our clients.

source: Bored Panda

source: Bored Panda

What: Ever wondered what Arnie would look like with a selfie stick? Wonder no more thanks to this series ofphotos in which guns from famous movie scenes are replaced with selfie sticks.
Who: The good people of the Internet.
Why we love it: Replacing guns with selfie sticks gives shooting a whole new meaning. I think you’ll all agree that this is a great use of Photoshop.

An udder delight
source: Dezeen

source: Dezeen

What: A French vineyard have commissioned the installation of giant shingle clad “udders” to dispense wine to festival goers.
Who: Barreau et Charbonnet and Metalobil
Why we love it: Five words: two thousand litres of wine. Perhaps I should accept that Game of Thrones Copywriter stereotype after all…

The Class A Team
source: Class A Marketing

source: Class A Marketing

What: Class A Marketing is a website that analyses the text messages that drug dealers send to their customers and comments on the recognised advertising techniques they’re using.
Who: Georgi Georgiev
Why we love it: Aside from our Breaking Bad inspired SEO advice, we don’t condone the marketing of drugs. But it’s pretty interesting to see how dealers are adopting traditional marketing tactics, and these designs with marketing commentary from Georgiev are quite fascinating.

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