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another month, another webwise

Whether it’s brilliantly creative or downright hysterical, some of the things we find on the web never cease to amaze us.

In our monthly series, Webwise, we share the best of the web with you.

Adventures of business cat
Image source: Tom Fonder

Image source: Tom Fonder

What: As self-confessed feline fiends, we’re particularly fond of Fonder’s illustrations of business cat, a comic strip that imagines what it’d be like to have a cat as a boss. Although some of the strips are a little questionable…
Who: Tom Fonder
Why we love it: Whilst we’re very partial to our Uprise pooches and resident barketers, we can’t help but wish that we had a business cat of our own in the Uprise office!

The photoshopped ‘ball in the wall’

What: The people of Cardiff got a bit creative with the ‘Ball in the Wall’ and started photoshopping the ball into various things!
Who: The good people of Cardiff!
Why we love it: We love the ‘Ball in the Wall’ of Cardiff Castle so much that featured it in our favourite Rugby World Cup marketing campaigns. It was great to see people getting involved and creating various hilarious versions of what else we should have bursting out of our beloved castle’s walls!

Werewolf dog muzzle
image source: Alexey Kurulyov

image source: Alexey Kurulyov

What: Exactly what it says on the tin – a muzzle that will make your pet pooch look like a terrifying werewolf!
Who: zveryatam.ru
Why we love it: Who doesn’t love the idea of casually strolling up the street with your very own beloved yet rabid hellhound?! We imagine the reactions of innocent passersby is quite something. We can only live in hope that a Chihuahua somewhere in the world has a werewolf muzzle of its own…

Hidden graffiti in London
image source: mobstr.org

image source: mobstr.org

What: An unnamed graffiti artist’s humorous subversive street art that blends in with the city’s billboards and road signs!
Who: The artist remains unknown; that’s all part of the mystery!
Why we love it: As a rule, people generally tend to zone out to billboards and promotional signs because we see so many of them. The fact that this ‘graffiti’ is relatively well hidden and disguised amongst generic signs and billboards makes it all the more clever.

 Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’
image source: channel 4

image source: channel 4

What: The marketing campaign for Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’ TV programme.
Who: Channel 4 & 4Creative
Why we love it: Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and as such, we’re becoming increasingly more reliant on it. However, we often try to ignore just how trackable this makes us. Channel 4’s new programme challenges people to fall off the grid whilst a team of experts try to track them, and it’s a truly thought provoking concept. The signs scattered around London are simple, yet they still manage to convey the unnerving feeling that we’re being watched. Slightly creepy with a hint of creativity and intelligence, this campaign was always going to be a hit with us.

 Turning reality into pop art
image source: sagemeister & walsh

image source: sagemeister & walsh

What: For part of a department store campaign, Sagemeister & Walsh created some real life Lichtenstein inspired pop art.
Who: Sagemeister & Walsh
Why we love it: We love how the duo have created a 3D environment that looks like an illustration. It literally brings art to life in the most vivid and colourful style imaginable. When looking at the photos, you can’t help but wonder if you are in fact just looking at a painting; we can only imagine how weird and wonderful this would have looked in reality! You can see more of the creations here.

So there you have it, another month of weird and wonderful internet finds. We’d love to see what you’ve all stumbled upon in the dark recesses of the web, tweet us your best Internet finds.

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