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Badminton England is the national governing body for the sport in England, with ultimate responsibility for grass-roots participation, up to and including tournament play, and elite level competition.

The Brief

UpriseVSI were tasked with designing a new partner resources portal as part of Badminton England’s objectives to increase participation in the sport.

The key aims were to deliver a portal that would make it easy for their participation partners (predominantly leisure centres) to access and customise marketing materials, and to purchase new equipment. Designing a user-friendly interface aimed at encouraging more people to use the online facility.

In addition to creating an attractive and functional user experience, the portal needed to be designed in line with Badminton England’s existing brand guidelines.


Built upon the thinkCMS content management system, the portal was designed to deliver a secure, yet fully functional portal for the participation partners. The main content of the site was protected behind a login facility, available for partners to register a user account.

Once logged in the user had access to a full suite of marketing materials, as well as an online store from where they were able to purchase a comprehensive range of Badminton equipment and clothing at discounted rates

Without compromising brand integrity or appearance we ensured seamless navigation links, fully responsive for all digital devices, to both the marketing suite and online store.

User Experience (UX) Design

Understanding the importance of a well-designed page layout is crucial to delivering quality user experience for web portal users. To be able to easily find what they’re looking for and quickly navigate to the right location or service encourages users to return to the portal and increase usage.

“User-experience was essential to the success of this project, as we needed to ensure seamless navigation on any device for the partner, while enhancing the brand identity of Badminton England.”

Ollie Wells,
Head of Digital & UX, UpriseVSI

Marketing Suite

Within the marketing suite, users are able to access a range of Badminton England promotional and marketing materials, from business cards to posters, and flyers. Through a simple, user-friendly interface, partners can also customise the material with their own logos and content; with the option of downloading as a pdf, or ordering prints from a 3rd party print provider. In addition, there’s a portfolio of digital assets available for partners to download for their own websites.

Online Store - thinkShopper

Built upon the thinkShopper e-commerce platform, the online store offers a full range of discounted Badminton accessories. The elegant, and simple to navigate interface allowing users to easily find the equipment, or clothing, that they wish before adding to the basket and paying online, with orders processed and delivered by a 3rd party supplier.

"UpriseVSI took the time to fully understand what we needed from the portal and how it fitted into Badminton England’s wider remit. This enabled them to provide us with a portal that offers our partners the ability to access the materials they need and to be able to purchase equipment, easily and affordably."

Simon Hughes
Head of Recreational Badminton,
Badminton England

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