Bespoke web development / E-commerce


Bedkind was created with one goal in mind – to improve the health and happiness of animals. They take high-quality dust-extracted cardboard and transform it into 100% compostable animal bedding.

The Brief

Bedkind wanted to create an e-commerce website that gave visitors clear information about their product and how it could benefit animals. They also wanted to make it easy for people to purchase the product online


The first part of the process was mapping out customer journeys based on the persona profiles of Bedkind purchasers.

Using this information, the user experience team at UpriseVSI created wireframes for the website that would improve user flow, encourage engagement and ultimately increase the online sales of Bedkind's products.


These wireframes formed the foundation for the final website design

Important elements included:

  • The ability to be viewed on any device (back-end and front-end)
  • Key messages highlighting the product’s health benefits
  • Demonstrating how the product could be used
  • Showcasing testimonials from customers
  • Sharing news, videos and blog articles
  • Making it quick and easy to buy online


With its responsive website design, both the front end of the site visited by customers and the content management system used by staff can be viewed on any device, from a desktop or laptop to a smartphone or tablet.

The website was built to combine engaging and interactive content with an easy-to-use e-commerce function. This included a section with pop-up benefit boxes and embedded videos.


The shop section of the site allows visitors to either find their nearest stockist or ascertain if they are eligible for free delivery and then book online quickly and securely.

The admin functionality in the back end of the site allows Bedkind staff to update stock levels and prices and gives them an overview of all online transactions.


"We couldn’t be happier with the highly-personalised service and fully-customisable e-commerce system that we received from UpriseVSI. The ability to adapt the system to our specific needs wouldn’t have been possible if we’d chosen an off-the-shelf product. Quick and easy to use, our new website is the perfect platform for showcasing the Bedkind brand and the dedicated project management team at UpriseVSI ensured that everything ran smoothly from beginning to end."

Sophia Al Janabi
European Marketing Manager, Bedkind

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