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Part of the Venture Marketing Group, the GradJobs website provides job listings for recent graduates and promotes graduate recruitment events.

The Brief

The team at GradJobs needed an updated website where they could upload job vacancies quickly and easily. They also wanted to be able to share quality content in the form of articles, news pieces and blog entries, cementing their place as an authority in the graduate recruitment sector. The new website needed to position GradJobs as the best solution for both graduates and the companies looking to recruit them.


The existing site wasn’t based on a responsive website design, which meant that anyone viewing it on a mobile device wasn’t getting a great user experience.

Given the young, graduate target market, the new website needed to increase traffic from mobile devices. 

It was vital that visitors being directed from mobile advertising platforms could view the site on any device, whether a smartphone or tablet.

Since all of our websites are built to be responsive on any device, the wireframes and designs that we created took this into account.


GradJobs wanted to create a dynamic, image-focused site with a strong brand identity. To help accomplish this, our design team updated GradJob’s colour palette to make the brand more appealing to a younger audience.

As well as improving the look and feel of the site, we also looked to improve usability and easier navigation. For graduates, this meant a better job-search function, allowing them to filter their search based on industry sector, location, contract type and the deadline for application.

By creating an account, graduates can save jobs and searches, apply online, set up job alerts, access their job history, upload their CV, and update their details. 

Graduates can get more information about the companies offering schemes, jobs and training courses, as well as access to the latest news and recruitment advice.

The site also allows visitors to book places at the ‘GradJobs Live!’ events.


As well as the graduates themselves, the new website also needed to target companies seeking to recruit graduates.

Organisations and businesses now have the ability to create a profile and post specific roles or graduate training courses on the site, it also offers them digital advertising space to promote their services.

Businesses can also find out more about exhibiting at the ‘GradJobs Live!’ events with access to testimonials from previous exhibitors.


It was vital that GradJobs staff could access the back-end of the website quickly and easily.

Since our content management system, thinkCMS, is based on a responsive design, it can be logged into via any device, allowing those with admin access to edit images and content wherever they might be.

They also needed to be able to moderate the content on company profiles and offer extra functionality to businesses that upgraded their accounts, including videos and case studies on their profile pages.

The ability to gather data from the students that visited the site was also important. The site offered graduates the opportunity to sign up to the GradMail newsletter and create their own personal profiles, providing the GradJobs team with useful data about the people visiting the site.


"“Working with UpriseVSI on GradJobs was made easy thanks to their attentiveness, imagination and hard work. What’s more, their thinkCMS platform has made our lives a lot easier too!”"

Thomas Peacock
Digital Marketing Manager, Venture Marketing Group

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