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The Jacksonville Jaguars is an NFL franchise based in Florida and the only NFL team to make a commitment to play one home game each year at Wembley Stadium. The Jags were seeking to further build on their UK presence by launching Playing and Coaching Academies and Tournament called the Se7ens Cup here in the UK.

The Brief

They required a website and a booking system to allow people to book online and were recommended thinkBooker by Fulham FC’s Foundation. Fulham has successfully used the thinkBooker system for their soccer schools since 2013. The timeframe for the project was extremely tight with only 6 weeks to design and develop the site and integrate the online booking software.

The solution

The first step was for our UX team to carry out research, producing a site map and wireframes. We needed to work out what information had to be displayed on the site. We also needed to provide a seamless booking journey which would result in people being able to book onto the Academy and Tournament quickly and easily. Another consideration was the possible future addition of online advertising for sponsors within the site.

Once the wireframes had been produced and approved, our web design team then applied the look and feel to them. Following the Jacksonville Jaguars brand guidelines and using the vast array of images provided to us, a design was produced. This aimed to convey the stature of the Jaguars' brand and the exciting opportunity that booking onto the Academy or Tournament provided to budding American Football players.

Our thinkBooker software was used to deliver the online booking service for the Coaching and Playing Academies and the Se7ens Cup Tournament. One of the key advantages of the system for this project was our ability to bespoke the thinkBooker software to meet the exact requirements of the Jacksonville Jaguars. This included the ability to only allow individuals to book from a ballot. The client could simply upload a spreadsheet of bookers and the website would manage who could book and the specific messaging that they would receive.

In the first year, 37 teams signed up for the Se7ens Cup and over 200 people took part in the playing and coaching academies.  Following the launch of the 2017 events, the Se7ens Cup sold out within the first two months.

"The Jacksonville Jaguars Camp and Academy worked with upriseVSI to deliver a new website and online booking system for our UK academies. Every stage has been well organised and professionally managed, from the initial consultation and design through to the launch and ongoing support. Following the launch of our new online booking processes we’ve seen a lot of engagement from our players and a high volume of bookings, proving the success of our new website."

Bertie Graham
UK Commercial Manager,
Jacksonville Jaguars

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