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Established in 1996 by the Football Association of Wales, the FAW Trust is a registered charity that aims to encourage more males and females of all ages to play football.

The organisation is also responsible for identifying and developing talented young players to support the future success of Wales' national teams in all age groups, as well as developing more and better-qualified coaches.

The Brief

The FAW Trust wanted to design and develop an app with two specific functions:

1. To capture the data of all volunteers now and in the future.

2. To match them with opportunities to volunteer at Welsh football clubs and events.

We decided that we were up to the challenge.

Step 1: Gathering Volunteer Data

During the 2017 Champions League Final, the biggest sporting event that Wales had ever hosted, the FAW Trust collected the details of people who had expressed an interest in volunteering to help.

They now wanted a web app that could collate information about these and any future volunteers.

People could express their interest by answering a series of simple questions which clarified if they had any previous experience, what skills they could offer and how far they would be willing to travel.

Requirements for the web app included:

- Responsive design, accessible anywhere, on any device

- Cross-browser compatibility for ease of use

- Easy registration through a quick and simple survey

- Multi-lingual options (English and Welsh)

- Ability to update volunteer profiles with new skills and requirements

Step 2: Matching Volunteers with Relevant Vacancies

The backend needed to be accessible by football clubs, allowing them to perform admin tasks and upload and promote any vacancies they might have, whether they were at home, in the changing rooms or even on the pitch.

Requirements at this stage included:

- The ability to access the back-end of the app on desktop, mobile and tablet devices

- Secure login with limited access dependant on role

- Vacancies appearing on both the app and FAW Trust’s website

- Map layout to show the closest, most relevant vacancies to applicants

- Ability to cross-reference individuals’ data with role requirements

- Notifications when volunteers apply

- Safe, secure storage of data and passwords in our customer relationship management database

- Ability to segment data

- Bulk downloading and importing to other systems

Now it’s easy for people to express their interest in volunteering and for football clubs to upload their vacancies, bringing them both together in one seamless, effective and integrated web app.



"UpriseVSI understood precisely what was needed to provide both the potential volunteers and staff at our football clubs with a web app that was effective, easy to use and met everyone’s requirements. The survey looks great on all platforms and we’re all delighted with it."

Nick Davidson
Head of Business Development, FAW Trust

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